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At your disposal to create memorable tailored private events for you or your company!

All outdoor activities and retreats can be organised for private groups and companies, for team-building. 

We believe that deep new experiences may enrich people and help to create union and cohesion. 

We offer our services to organise memorable and strengthening events tailored to your needs and wants, combining yoga, hiking, teamwork, meditation, natural food, biodiversity, sustainability. 

Crediamo che le esperienze profonde e diverse possano arricchirre e unire i gruppi e siamo a disposizione per organizzare eventi su misura in risposta alle vostre necessità.

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For companies only we offer a special "Sustainability Retreat", one day long or over two days, in which we combine the practice of multi-level yoga and meditation, hiking and group training on Sustainability Strategies, using 

The Natural Step 's guiding exhaustive principles.

More information to come soon. Stay tuned!

Walk in the Wild
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