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Upcoming Retreats

  • RETREAT (IT): Diving into Our Inner Ocean (English)
    03 apr, 16:30 – 07 apr, 14:30
    Pigazzano, Località Sborzani, 2, 29020 Pigazzano PC, Italy
    Aligning ourselves through energy movement & emotional release: A deep immersion in the magical nature of northern Italy, opening up to different energy awareness modalities, Sound Healing, Breathwork, Yoga & Sacred Cacao
  • RETREAT (MO): Vacanza Yoga in Marocco (Italiano)
    15 ago, 17:30 – 20 ago, 09:30
    Tamraght, SWELLHOUSE, hay sahel, Tamraght 80023, Morocco
    Una vacanza yoga sull'oceano! Kundalini Yoga, Meditazione, Cerimonia Cacao, Ecstatic dance e... spiaggia, oceano, surf e socialità!
Meditating in Nature

Yoga and Mindfulness Retreats

Reinforcing our commitment to deepen the re-connecting of human beings to nature and to their own inner presence, we organise beautiful retreats, combining yoga and other activities, such as breathwalking, hiking, trekking and natural cuisine, both in Ticino (CH) and abroad.

The real opportunity and challenge for us is to make you integrate the lessons of your life and thereby come back home to improve the quality of everyday living.

Our retreats are prepared with LOVE. We put our hearts into what we do in order to provide you memorable experiences. Everything detail taken care for and prepared so that you may feel loved and welcome. If something may appear to be wrong, just live it as a proof to learn to enjoy life's imperfections, remaining in peace with what is. 

We love you!  

Pink Blossom

Detox and Fasting Retreats

At SoulsinNature we are always striving to make you healthier, letting go of habits that drain your energy and vitality, and making you connect deeply to nature, to yourself, to other souls.

We organise retreats both in the region where we are based - Ticino, Switzerland, a region known by its natural beauty amongst free woods, lakes and mountains - and abroad, mainly in Italy and Portugal.

Detox retreats are intended for those of you who want to go even deeper in the process of letting go and into knowing themselves and their inner power. 

Detox & fasting retreats challenge participants to let go not only of technology and stressful daily life, but also of solid food for some days.

You can choose one out of three options:

1. STRONG DETOX (FASTING): Herbal tea, water and fresh fruit juices only.

2. MILD DETOX: Herbal tea, water, fresh fruit juices and vegetable soup only.

3. LIGHT DETOX: We exclude from our diet meat and fish, coffee, alcool, dairy products and gluten.

All detox & fasting retreats include distancing from social media and all types of technology but facilitators rely on participants self-control and self-consciousness (no control is made). Smartphones are to be kept out of all group meetings and meals and avoided to the maximum when participants are on their own.

Participants who will undergo a fasting therapy for the first time are required to talk previously to the facilitator.

Fasting is a secure and ancient well-being therapy but in case of chronic or serious health conditions (such as cardiovascular, metabolic or renal diseases) our advise is that you undergo fasting therapy under the supervision of a physician. Dr. Melelli Roia Massimo, in Perugia, Italy, could be a good option if you wish to undergo longer fasting to overcome a specific health condition.

All participants who chose to undergo options 1 or 2 of our detox-fasting offers are asked to sign a self-responsability form.

When fasting, the human body changes its nurturing from outer food-supply to inner energy reserves. Depending on the quality of these reserves (which may include toxic stored waste), some people may feel dizziness, headache (mainly caffeine abusers), strong weakness, mainly during the first three days. These effects depend mainly on the quality of individual energy reserves and are not to be effects of hunger. The human body is capable of undergoing much longer fasting periods that the three-day fasting proposed by SoulsinNature.    

We fast to let go of toxic substances in our bodies, of toxic thoughts and mind-schemes, to let go of self-destructive habits and beliefs.

We fast to expand our consciousness, to increase our will-power and to strengthen our body and physical capabilities.

We fast for deep detoxification, to change negative habits, to feel more alive, to connect deeper with our inner selves. If done well the process is reinvigorating and can greatly improve awareness and mind-clarity.

Know more about FASTING.

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