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Kundalini Yoga, meditation, stress and emotional release, gong and deep relaxation, unspoilt nature, forest and crystal-clear river baths, nature walks, sweat lodge,

healthy food, new friendships.


5 days in the indigenous nature of central Portugal, in a magical and remote valley,

a deep immersion into purity and authenticity.

May 27 - June 1st, 2024

Vale de Moses, Oleiros, Castelo Branco province, central Portugal

Retreat organised by SoulsinNature, in collaboration with Travel Circle

and Mamaste Spirit

Facilitator/guide: Susana D. S. Tavares

LANGUAGE: The retreat will be held in Italian & English

10% discount if you're coming in two!


A 'Yoga and Nature' journey in the wild heart of Portugal

We nourish body, soul and spirit, we strip away what we are not, finding balance within, becoming closer to what we really are. We embrace simplicity and become more authentic.

Language: English & Italian

The retreat will be bilingual: the more practical sessions will be held in two languages, while for the more theoretical meetings and Breathwork sessions there will be different encounters, in Italian and English.

With the exception of the opening and closing meetings, all sessions are optional.


  • 1 daily 2-hour Kundalini yoga & meditation session;

  • 3 evening sessions of gong, meditation and deep relaxation;

  • 2 Somatic Breathwork sessions for releasing blocked stress and emotions (1 in Italian and 1 in English);

  • 1 evening of chanting around the fire;

  • 3 vegetarian or vegan meals per day;

  • Hiking in nature, forest and crystal river baths;

  • Extra activities (not included in the price): massages, trip to the river beach, Sweat Lodge / temazcal (with the possibility of diving in the small crystal river of Vale of Moses).


Pure magic!

"Being Authentic" is a unique opportunity for those who want to immerse themselves in unspoilt nature, to find themselves, to regenerate, to reconnect with simple and authentic things, to dedicate time to their physical and mental health, and to enjoy a unique cultural landscape.


The 'Shale Villages', located right in the geographical centre of Portugal, are famous for their unspoilt beauty, vernacular architecture (i.e., designed according to local needs, the availability of building materials and local traditions) and, in particular, for the use of dark stone (schist or shale) in the construction of houses. 


They are located between crystal-clear rivers and forests of chestnut, oak, strawberry, cherry, wild pine and holly. Rounded peaks and deep valleys give rise to an undulating landscape and the types of buildings left behind by thousands of years of human occupation. In this area, currently sparsely inhabited and hidden in the centre of the country, people have lived for centuries in communion with the land.

In addition to nature walks, massages, socialising and excellent local vegetarian food, the programme includes daily yoga practice (multi-level), meditation/mindfulness, breathing exercises to release stress and tension, gong baths, outdoor sauna (sweat lodge), and mantra chanting around the fire, all in a unique location: Vale de Moses, an internationally renowned retreat centre, listed as one of the best yoga retreat centres in the world by NatGeo UK Travel, Forbes Magazine and The Guardian. A place sought after by those who wish to find true balance within themselves.


Other activities that help guests unplug from the hectic pace of everyday life include swimming in wild waters, the wonder of sunrises and sunsets over valleys and exploratory nature walks. All embroidered with a sleep so deep and rejuvenating that you will feel new!


The 5-night retreat will be led by Susana Tavares, an experienced teacher and founder of Soulsinnature, born and raised in Portugal and fluent in Italian, English (in addition to Portuguese). Susana is also available for help with with suggestions in case you choose to stay for some nights in Lisbon before or after the retreat.


The retreat is open to all, from 16/17 years old, even those who have never practised yoga or meditation.

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Start: Monday 27 May, 11.30 a.m. | End: Saturday 1 June, 8.30 a.m.

Please find details of transfer to and from Vale de Moses at the bottom of the page.


LOCATION: Vale de Moses Retreat Centre

Amieira-Oleiros, Castelo Branco district (approximately 2h50 from Lisbon and 2h40 from Oporto)



Amieira-Oleiros, district of Castelo Branco

Vale de Moses Retreat Center

We will be staying at Vale de Moses - ranked amongst the best yoga retreat centres in the world by NatGeo UK Travel, Forbes Magazine, The Guardian, The Telegraph, Yoga Journal, OmYoga Magazin.


Vale de Moses is located in Oleiros-Amieira, at an altitude of 500 metres, in the central heart of Portugal, where the landscape is characterised by houses with vernacular architecture, designed on the basis of local needs and materials, where the dark shale stone of the houses stands out, surrounded by wide valleys with undulating peaks, in an area rich in chestnut, pine and wild cherry forests, oaks, strawberries and holly trees.


We will be hosted by Andrew and Vonetta, a couple who in 2007 decided to leave London with their two children in exchange for a remote and abandoned valley in the heart of Portugal, with which they immediately fell in love. As well as rehabilitating the small valley, they have raised their children there and created a wonderful team of professionals in cooking and massage, happy to welcome us!


Guests can choose to stay in a variety of places, including the delightfully restored, open-plan stone cottages (shared or private), private rooms in the farmhouse or, for those who want to be even closer to nature, the Soulpad glamping tents under the wild trees.


Vale di Moses provides participants with the following accommodation

(Note: each room is different and all bathrooms are external to the rooms, but there are plenty):

  • 5 rooms for single use (stone cottages, farm hose or gamping tents)

  • 3 rooms for double use (couple or twin; stone cottages, farm hose or gampling tents)

  • 1 dormitory for 4/5 persons in shared cottage.