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Tesserete (CH) | 12.02

Sunday, February 12th, 2023

4 - 8.30 pm, Spazio Inverso, Tesserete (CH)

​With Roberto Volta, Natalie Ulman & Susana Tavares

LANGUAGE: English (some Italian possible if requested)

Participants: 14-15


All types of couples are most welcome, independent of faith, sex and marital status. We also welcome people who wish to come single just to work on self-love.


Love is the most powerful energy there is! It is medicine, it opens doors, it heals, it deserves to be celebrated! This event calls for couples of all types but if you feel to come alone and work on self-love you're most welcome!


We will begin our journey with a beautiful Cacao Ceremony. This sacred plant medicine that was used ceremonially by the Mayans and Aztecs for centuries opens the heart chakra both spiritually and physically with its many unique medicinal properties. Mama cacao will open up a deeper connection with our partners and ourselves. This heart opening from the cacao will then lead us into an ecstatic dance flow guided by Roberto where we will continue to move into a space of deep connection, freedom, and love through movement.


We will finish with a deep immersion into our inner world, into our deep emotions, through a session of Somatic Breathwork for emotional release with Susana, an opportunity to share a transformative experience that can make us grow both as a person and as a partner, giving space for true LOVE to flow.



4 - 4.40 pm: Opening circle & Somatic Breathwork basics 

4.40 - 5.40 pm: Heart opening Cacao Ceremony with Natalie

5.40 - 6.40 pm: Ecstatic dance with Roberto 

6.40 - 6.50 pm: Tea break 

6.50 - 8.20 pm: Breathwork session with Susana 

8.20 - 8.30 pm: Closing circle and snack 



Main language is English but some italian is possible.



Spazio Inverso, Stabile Arca, Via alle Pezze 13, Tesserete

(parking: around the Arena Sportiva of Tesserete)



Fr. 70.- pp

10% discount for Yoga Loft and Calendar People registered members.



- Twint to 079 280 4648 mentioning "Name+surname+Event 12.02",

- Bank transfer (write us for bank details)

- Cash in presence at Yoga Loft Cureglia (payments in cash at Tesserete right before the event are not accepted in case there are people on waiting list).



Facilitated by Susana Tavares

Breathwork for emotional release is NOT based on pranayama. It is a strong and very efficient technique to unblock supprened emotions, to integrate trauma, to get to know ourselves deeper, letting go of veils and fears to become ligher and more aware. It is based on a specifc breathing technique, music/sound, bod movement, bodywork and smudge.

It is deeper and stronger that one can image and it is perfect for personal growth and suitable at all ages, for healthy people. Is is an alchemic process based on a simples breath technique, able to bring liberation from past unintegrated experiences to those you manage to surrender. It also relies to a great extent on music and bodywork.

Please note that Somatic Breathwork sessions are for adults only (21+), as it is required that participants have been given time to develop self-responsibility tools and awareness. Sessions can be very beautiful and liberating but are also deep experiences into our emotional memories.

Do read details and contraindications of Breathwork on Susana's Website (in case of doubts please write Susana directly at



Yoga mat, small cover blanket, smal cushion, personal drink, comfortble clothes, notebook.

Tappetino o telo, coperta, piccolo cuscino, bibita personale, abigliamento comodo, quaderno.


- The event will take place with a minimum of 12 participants by Friday 10th, 6pm. We can host a maximum of 15 people. 

- In case there will be waiting list, priority will be given to people who have paid by Friday 10th.

Bank transfers to:

Susana de Sousa Tavares

Banca Raiffeisen, Gravesano

IBAN: CH81 8080 8007 8487 8691 7 - nr. di CB: 80808

Via Pianello, CH-6944 Cureglia


Natalie Ulman.jpg

Natalie Ulman

Natalie was called by Cacao when she was on a healing journey living in Bali. Mama cacao opened her heart, reconnected her to ancient wisdom, and unlocked a deep connection with nature. It has since been an essential part of her practice. In her offerings she combines the plant medicine of ceremonial cacao, somatic practices, and yoga with an emphasis on Self-Love.


Natalie is also a 200 hour RYT yoga teacher and a certified Self-love facilitator. She has led Self Love workshops, held cacao ceremonies, and taught yoga in Bali, Sicily, the United States, Mexico, and Switzerland. In addition, she teaches restorative yoga for trauma healing, hatha yoga, yoga nidra, and vinyasa yoga. 

Roberto Volta

Roberto is passionate about conscious movement, mental health and music.

He has been exploring different cultures and practices with meditation, yoga and breath work as well as leading ecstatic dance events. 

He is inspired by nature, loves the outdoors and finding peace within himself.

He’s also been very active in the male community to bring a brotherhood connection for healing and growth.

After a long life of travels and teaching yoga around the world he decided to settle in Ticino, land that he loves dearly.

Roberto Volta.jpg

Susana Tavares

Susana is a Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Gong player and facilitator of Breathwork sessions for Emotional release. She loves healing and awareness processes and techniques and her life goal is to increase people's awareness of the divine power they hold within. 


She lives and works in Ticino (Lugano, Mendrisio, Pregassona & Cureglia) and, in addition to the weekly and monthly classes, she organizes and facilitates Yoga, Gong, Breathwork and Mindfulness retreats in Ticino and abroad. ​


Susana also facilitates private and group Breathwork sessions for emotional release. ​


Born in Lisbon (PT), Susana is fluent in Italian, Portuguese, English and Spanish.

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