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Diving Into our Inner Ocean
Aligning ourselves through energy movement & emotional release

A deep immersion in the magical nature of northern Italy, opening up to different energy awareness modalities, Sound Healing, Breathwork, Kundalini Yoga & Sacred Cacao


April 3-7, 2023

Miri Piri Retreat Center

Province of Piacenza | Emilia-Romagna region, ITALY

Facilitated by Susana D.S. Tavares & Florine Gabriël

Main language: English


A TRANSFORMATIVE immersion, based on different techniques, to unlock hidden potential, release emotional trauma, remove energetic blocks and stimulate the kundalini energy. We welcome those who want to dive deeper into a sustainable healing process, giving space to a more authentic and centered version of themselves.

All of us, to a certain extent, remain attached to our pasts, through traumatic survival mechanisms which we keep repeating throughout our lives. Letting go is a choice we all have and for some of us there comes a time in life when we feel ready to evolve by letting go of the past and integrating our experiences as adults. Peeling away the layers of limiting conditioning and discovering the potential of our true essence.



Località Sborzani, frazione di Pigazzano, comune of Travo (Piacenza), Emilia-Romagna region, Italy

Mobile: +39 347 6128210 (Carlo)

The retreat is profound and intense, but open to nearly all people, even those who have never practiced any of the techniques offered.

Main language will be English, but other languages are possible in some moments if requested; Italian, Dutch, Portuguese & Spanish.

Starting: Monday April 3rd, 5pm

Ending: Friday April 7th, 2.30pm




Susana Tavares

Kundalini yoga, meditation, gong & Breathwork for emotional release

Susana started to study Yoga and oriental philosophies during university and soon began to feel an inner call for salutogenesis and spirituality. She began a journey of personal growth, spiritual and healing quest, cultivating an interest in physical, mental and soul well-being, with an holistic and profound approach. In her healing journey after having been diagnosed with a congenital disease, Susana has travelled, read and explored various spiritual lines and approaches to self-healing.

Susana certified as a Kundalini Yoga teacher under the guidance of Gurmukh Khalsa (London, 2017). For several years she also practiced circular breathing techniques and developed perception tools under the guidance of Michael Brown and she has completed completed an intensive training as a facilitator of somatic Breathworkfor emotional release, under the guidance of Tim Morrison.

More details on the brochure and website:


Florine Gabriël

Kundalini activation process, theta healing, process guided work & Breathwork for emotional release

Florine has completed an intensive training course as a facilitator of somatic Breathwork for emotional release and somatic healing, under the guidance of Tim Morrison in 2022 and has done multiple studies in ThetaHealing. She is an accredited KAP facilitator and has directly trained with the transmission vehicle Venant Wong (founder of KAP) and is part of the first group of KAP – facilitators in Europe in 2019. Through her embodiment, she is able to transmit a unique KAP frequency, which has transformed into a heart-centered transmission over the years. She has studied with Pi Villaraza of Inner Dance in the Phillipines and with Elliott Saxby of the Kundalini Bodywork school in Switzerland. She is a Wataflow (water therapy) facilitator since 2018, trained by Oceano and an Embodied Flow Yoga teacher since 2018.


Florine’s work is an invitation to step into your original openheartedness and strength. Discovering trust and opening into your heart center. As an embodied energy facilitator, she is fueled by a deep desire to break free from ‘unhealthy’, conditioning and beliefs. Creating a safe and loving space for you to uncover the essences and depth of your being. Allowing yourself to open and start a own unique transformational journey into oneness.


Your investment includes a 5 days/4 nights stay in nature at the beautiful center Miri Piri, all workshops, delicious food (3 vegetarian meals per day) and an unforgettable deep personal, emotional, spiritual and social experience. Yoga mats and props are provided by the center, as well as towels and bed linen.


Retreat prices depend on accommodation type; travel to and from the center not included:


  • In a beautiful dormitory room (4 people): CHF/€ 950.-

  • In a beautiful triple shared room (3 people): CHF/€ 1’050.-

  • In a beautiful double shared room (2 people): CHF/€ 1’185.-

  • In a beautiful single-use room: CHF/€ 1’295.-

Rooms: 1 dormitory, 4 triple rooms, 3 double rooms, 2 single rooms (all rooms are rather large and for those with 3 or 4 people extra bathrooms are available in the corridors).


Early bird: 10% discount applies for registrations until 17.02.2023 (SAVE UP TO €130.-!).


To book your spot a minimum fee of 50% of the total retreat investment is required. In case of need, an alternative payment plan is possible: reach us out by email or phone to discuss it.

All details in the brochure.

In case of need you can write to

To register please fill in the form.


  • This retreat is organised by SoulsinNature, Susana Tavares and Florine Gabriël in collaboration with Miri Piri.

  • Registration will be confirmed after payment of at least 50% of the total value of the retreat. The remaining must be paid by March 24th, 2023.

  • This retreat is confirmed with a minimum of 14 participants by 15.02.2023.

  • Maximum number of participants: 25.

  • To register you must fill in the form HERE or find the link on our websites. In case of doubts you may also write directly to: Susana (, or Florine (